Public announcement

You might consider posting flyers in high traffic areas on campus, setting up a website dedicated to talking about the launch, and put up an announcement in the local student paper. 

Press Release 

Consider a press release to announce your new email services via your campus news service. We've provided a super-simple sample here, but you should feel free to add in specifics to your school, including who will be eligible for the new service, what the cost and resource savings mean for the university community, and details about the deployment. 

Student Newspaper 

Your school's student newspaper may be interested in writing a story on the partnership between Google and your school. Some general story themes could include: 
  • The general trend of "Cloud Computing" and outsourcing of IT services at schools 
  • Feature story on interesting cases of collaboration using online tools 
  • IT department cost & resource savings and new projects in the pipeline 
  • Alumni publications 
  • Even if you are not rolling out Google Apps services to your alumni, you can consider adding a note in your alumni publications announcing the partnership with Google. 

School Web Properties 

Place banner advertisements announcing your integration on various web properties. You can also include the rich media ads in email newsletters.