Professional Development plan overview
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5

Professional Development is an important step to fully utilizing Google Apps at your school or district. We’ve outlined a few steps that you can use to help develop and complete a successful PD program. 

Professional Development Plan Summary:

Step 1 Gain support from school administrators that will help drive professional development at the schools.
Step 2 Assemble a group of Google Apps School Guides who will deliver professional development at school sites and help with ongoing development.
Step 3 Set the scope and sequence for the professional development plan for teachers.
Step 4 Conduct Google Apps training across the district and build momentum and excitement for the transition.
Step 5 Process feedback and revise the professional development program.

Some practical considerations:
  • Consider timing conflicts for vacation and summer
  • Review the Google Apps Education Certified Trainer program and the Google Apps Training Center
  • Plan for ~7-8 weeks to prepare a Google Apps training program
  • Consult with other schools or districts in your area/state that have used Google Apps