Assemble Google Apps School Guides

Google Apps School Guides will be individuals at each school in your district that will lead Google Apps training and encourage Google Apps integration in the classroom.

Plan for 3-4 weeks to complete the following tasks:

Set up Guide resources

Create a Google Site to centralize resources for Google Apps School Guides. Some things to include:
  • Expectations of a Google Apps School Guide
  • FAQs about the Google Apps transition
  • FAQs about the Google Apps tools
  • Handouts and templates
  • Calendars with relevant training dates
Set up a discussion group in your Google Apps domain for Guides (i.e. for sharing and communicating with Guides.

Contact Guides and schedule training

Start building enthusiasm for the program and getting Guides excited about their role in the upcoming Google Apps roll out:
  • Take advantage of the discussion group to send out weekly tips or have Guides start sharing their own. 
  • Schedule social webinars or meet-ups
  • Distribute swag (Customize and buy your own)
Also, if Guides are new to Google Apps, you can begin introducing features by creating the scheduling process completely using Google Apps – collect scheduling information via forms and send out calendar invitations for the training dates. 

Conduct technical Google Apps training

Google Apps School Guides will be responsible for training at each of their respective schools, so they should have a solid understanding of all the tools. During the training sessions, be sure to reiterate the technical expectations for Guides and their commitment to understanding and using the product.

When planning your Google Apps training for the Guides, you can consider the following options:
Encourage the Guides to take advantage of the discussion group for asking questions and sharing ideas while learning and reviewing the training materials.

Try and make the trainings fun and Googley!

Conduct general Guide training

In addition to the technical Google Apps training, set up time to carry out general Guide training. Potential topics for these types of trainings could include:
  • Expectations of a Google Apps School Guide, examples include (but not limited to):
  • Conduct monthly workshops
  • Troubleshoot common problems
  • Circulate best practices
  • Collaboration on developing the scope and sequence for PD at schools in the district
  • Strategy around how to gain teacher buy-in
  • Troubleshoot potential challenges
These meetings should help prepare Guides with resources and strategies to train teachers at their schools.

Set up channels and strategies for ongoing communication

Continue to engage Guides throughout the year using the resource site and discussion groups. With this ongoing communication, you can continue to:
  • Have each Guide contribute tips and tricks and how they are using them in the classroom (or share how others in their school are using it in the classroom)
  • Encourage them to document their trainings with handouts, screenshots, or video and start building a “just in time/anytime” PD library for Google Apps
  • Highlight new feature releases (stay up to date with the Google Apps updates feed)
  • Address any problems that arise
You might also consider to have webinars or meet-ups for Guides throughout the year as well to share their experiences.