Build momentum and conduct training

With a plan in place, administrative support, and Guides ready to go - you’re ready to start having everyone at your district “go Google.”

The following tasks will be ongoing throughout the year:

Promote training sessions and tools

Make sure the Guides actively promote their school training sessions and provide tips and tricks to the teachers. Some communication channels include:
  • Emails - send out notices of upcoming trainings, create a Google Apps newsletter (at the district or school level) that sends out training information, tips and tricks, highlights teachers at the school
  • Newsletters - target existing school newsletters to promote training
  • Flyers - print flyers and post around faculty lounges/areas
  • Handouts - print handouts to distribute to faculty inboxes
  • Calendar invitations/reminders - set up and subscribe faculty to a Google Apps training calendar
  • Blogposts - create a Google Apps School Guide blog to promote training or uses of Google Apps, or use an existing blog (for example, the principal’s blog or another school administrator)

Recognition for training and innovation

Recognition programs can help encourage teachers to complete the training and incorporate Google Apps into their classrooms.

For example, you could showcase teachers that are using Google Apps in innovative ways in their curriculum and with students by highlighting them on the school website, recognizing them at staff meetings, present them with Google giveaways, etc. Set up a place where teachers can share these stories and learn from each other.

You might also consider setting up school or district-wide competitions for completing tasks or projects in Google Apps - for students or teachers. For example, there could be a race to complete the “Top 10 ways to use Google Apps”, a “Google Apps scavenger hunt” or trying to complete the tasks to become a Gmail Ninja.

Another program might be a regular “TV” series (hosted on Google Video included in Google Apps) that features teachers sharing their innovative tips and tricks for Google Apps.

These programs will serve to recognize those that are taking advantage of the tools as well as educating others how they can integrate them into their own curriculum.