Reflect and revise

At Google, we strongly believe in revision and iteration. Consider your first Professional Development plan a “beta” and continue to work to improve it as the year progresses.

Some things to consider while evaluating your training program:
  • Analyze the usage of the products in your Google Apps control panel usage reports - identify which products have the most usage, which ones have the least. Why are some being used more than others?
  • Survey the Guides and get their feedback on the training materials, delivery, style, etc.
  • Encourage Guides to deliver surveys to their teachers to get feedback on their training sessions and how they might improve the training program and revise objectives
  • Consider targeted intervention with schools that have low adoption
  • Surface best practices
  • Gather student anecdotes, thoughts, and recommendations for how Apps can transform the school
  • Embrace the change!
  • Plan ongoing learning and development
Congratulations on completing your training for Google Apps! Have some great ideas you’d like to share with us? Send them our way so we can include them in this (beta) guide!