Below are answers to some common questions about the technical deployment of Google Apps

What are the differences between groups, organizations, alternate domains, and domain aliases?

Organizations Organizations allow you to set policies.Students
Groups Groups are mailing
Alternate domains Divide users into separate domains for branding (staff) (students)
Domain aliases Every user receives a two email addresses -- one for the primary domain and one for the domain alias.Not commonly used by K12s

How do I block inappropriate Gadgets in Google Sites?

Certain Google properties, such as Google Sites, allow users to access community-created Gadgets. Some schools The Feed Server Client Tool (FSCT) allows administrators to set which gadgets may be accessed within their domain. You can read more about this at

How do I lock password changes?

Some school districts want to block users from changing their Google Apps passwords. To achieve this, specify a ‘Change Password URL’ in the single sign-on settings page; when users attempt to change their password, this will redirect them to the supplied URL.